U10 Recreational Program

For those looking for a program with less commitment, U10 Recreational maybe for you!

U10 recreational teams are part of a ‘Regional House League’ with teams from Sackville and Fall River. The teams will have a 1-hour practice once a week and play 1-hour games once a week in the Regional House League.

Players will have fun, develop their skills, learn and grow their soccer game, be a part of a team and fall in love with soccer throughout the summer season!  This program is a great introduction to soccer or is for the player who wants to play soccer and does not want to make as large a time committment throughout the summer.

U10 Girls REC:
Practices will be on Thursdays
June 6th - August 15th from 6-7pm
Games will be on Wednesdays
June 12th - August 14th between 6pm to 8:30pm
Season ends with a soccerfest the weekend of August 17th.

U10 Boys REC:
Practices will be on Mondays
June 3rd - August 12th from 6-7pm
Games will be on Tuesdays
June 11th - August 13th between 6pm to 8:30pm
Season ends with a soccerfest the weekend of August 17th.

Fees:  $240.00

In practices, volunteer coaches supported by club staff will guide the players through fun games and exercises that focus on physical and technical development. Each team will have 2 parent volunteer coaches who will be supported by club staff in the practices sessions and coach the games.


All players must wear shin pads. Socks should be worn over the shin pads. Soccer cleats suitable for grass are required. A water bottle, clearly marked with player’s name, should be brought to every session. Children may wear a hat but ball caps with stiff brims are not recommended. Sunglasses are not permitted unless prescribed

Parent Volunteers, We need your help, please volunteer! We are looking for the following volunteers:

Parent Coaches:

We are looking for volunteer coaches to assist with the sessions and coach the games. No soccer experience necessary; the club will provide parent coaches with training and coaching courses and all the practice sessions will be planned and delivered by club staff.

Team Manager: Looking for 1 per team.

U10 Coordinator: We are looking for a volunteer to assist with planning and communication activities, one for boys and one for girls. No soccer experience necessary. Basically sending out emails and letting people know their schedules.