Manager Guide - Summer 2019

Season Startup, Ref Fees, Game Sheets, Etc

Manager’s Tips


Start of season set-up:

  • Collect jersey deposits from players - $60 post-dated cheques, Nov. 1st, 2019, made out to BSA. If a player doesn’t have cheques they can email $60 to club administrator, they will get it back at end of season once jersey is returned.

  • Manager or coach pick up jerseys from BSA equipment manager (U13 and up also need to pick up flags & nets)

  • If U13 and up, discuss with coaches who will be responsible for bringing nets and flag poles to games (Only have to bring them to home games). You will also need a step stool to put nets up and some extra tape.

  • Once you have collected all jersey deposits, manager or coach hands out jerseys to players. Manager records all jersey numbers

  • Manager gets the team entered on league’s site:

    • Go to NSSL:

    • On the right side of page is a Managers Handbook – it walks you through how to set up your team on the site. You will have to make sure you are listed on the site as a manager or you won’t have access.

    • You will need to enter all player names & their jersey number into the NSSL site.

    • You can colour code and add logo & uniform away and home if you’d like also

Ref Fees:

BSA emails managers ref fees. It is manager’s responsibility to bring ref fees to each game & either give them to the coach at the beginning of the game or give them directly to the main ref at half time.

This year each team pays half of ref fees for each game. The ref fees can also be found on the NSSL site to the right of the page under the Managers Handbook.

Examples: For an U12A game you’d bring $25 (1 linesman’s fee) & $17 (half of centre ref fee), or for U18A you’d bring $22 & $30. It is important to bring each fee separately as the refs/linesmen are paid in cash at the end of each game by the main ref.

Some managers will go to the bank at the beginning of the season and get all the ref fees for all 16 games sorted out in envelopes to make the rest of the season easy. For example, if you need $25 & $17 for all 16 games, have the bank give you 16 x $20, 32 x $5, 16 x $2, $16 x $10. Then go home and create 16 envelopes with ref fees inside. Then you can grab & go for all game without figuring out cash you need each week.

Game Sheets:

It is manager’s responsibility to bring the game sheet to all games. You will have to go into your team page on NSSL to print a game sheet. Directions to do this are in the manager’s Guide on their site (mentioned above). After the game take a picture of the game sheet with your phone & email to NSSL with teams in subject line.

Home team is responsible for emailing the sheet to NSSL after all games. No score is recorded on the site for U12 and below:

For U13 and up, winning team is responsible for emailing game sheet to NSSL & recording score, cards, etc. on site. If there is a tie, home team is responsible for game sheet.


Once the coaches have decided possible tournaments to enter the team in, Managers email the team to see who would be available for the tournaments/dates. Once it has been confirmed team is able to go with enough players, manager or coach enter the team into the tournament (discuss with coach who will do) – go to tournament site and register team, pay tournament fees. Easy for manager to do as they will be collecting the fees.

Check tournament site to see if player ID cards will be needed, some tournaments need these (Ratomir needs them). If needed, manager will need to create them. Take pics of all the players individually, chest up is good, put in a word doc with each player’s name & jersey number above or below each player’s pic. Then send to club administer. They will create the player cards and give to manager. Managers must have these at all games they are required at during the tournament. The cards are not given to the players and are returned to the club administrator after the tournament for future use.

If you are leaving the province for a tournament, you will need to get a travel permit. On SNS site you can download the travel permit:

Print the travel permit, Fill it in, & you can just print up your teams roster & attach to the doc instead of adding all the names/jersey number in – just print “roster attached” in the roster section. Next you need the club president to sign it – send her an email to set up time to do this. Once it’s signed drop it off to SNS. There is a $30 fee. It will take 3 or 4 days and then they will email the signed doc to you. Email it to the tournament & print a copy to bring with you. Make sure you add any call ups in before you have it signed and usually best to leave entire team roster on in case someone can come after all. If you want to add someone after getting it back from SNS you have to take it back to have it signed all over again. Make sure you add the permit cost to fees you collect from parents.

Team Communication:

It is the manager’s job to keep the team up to date on all news from club, league, coaches, etc.

Make sure at the beginning of the season to share info link links to game schedule, team pages, club info, field conditions, etc. Then parents can check on their own without always emailing club staff or managers.

It helps to send a weekly email with team schedule for the week, maybe including reminders of when/where practices are, when/where games are and vs who, what time to be at practices and games and what jersey to wear, etc. Also ask parent to let manager or coach know if their child will be missing or be late for any practices or games. Keep coaches in the loop if parents email you about missing games or practices.

If there is a game or practice cancellation email team to let them know.

If there are any complaints or concerns from parents about anything, direct them to the coach or technical director to discuss and resolve.

For U13 and up, it is important to let parents know that we are responsible for putting up nets and setting up corner flags (even when we are visitors we have to set one of the nets up). It is a team effort and it is easiest if everyone chips in to help with this.