Our Club History

Bedford Soccer Association (BSA) is a community-based organization of mini, youth and senior players and adult volunteers that serve to promote and support participation in the development of soccer in Bedford and surrounding area. BSA operates within the jurisdiction of the Surburban District. BSA along with Scotia Soccer Club, Sackville United Soccer Club, East Hants Soccer Club and Hants North Soccer Club make up the Suburban region. BSA is affiliated with Soccer Nova Scotia (SNS).

The Bedford Soccer Association originated in the 1970’s. It began as a small recreational club with less than 100 members primarily at the mini levels. The club continued to grow at a steady rate with the 2009 summer season having close to 1,100 members.

In 2000, Bedford first fielded Tier 2A teams as part of the Suburban District Soccer Association (SDSA) club with primarily Bedford players and Bedford coaches in SDSA uniforms. In 2001, Bedford fielded its own Tier 2A teams with new blue and yellow and the "Bedford Titans" name. The following year the club was able to outfit all teams playing in the Capital InterDistrict Soccer League (CISL Under 12 to Under 18), Tier 2A and most of Tier 2B, in the blue and yellow " Bedford Titans " uniform. The club added teams to the Metro Indoor Soccer League (MISL) starting in 2001. In 2005, Bedford moved into the top level of soccer in the province by placing a boy's Under 14 Tier 1 team in the Nova Scotia Soccer League (NSSL).


It is with great excitement that Bedford Soccer Association, East Hants Soccer Association, Sackville United Soccer Association and Scotia Soccer Club announce the launch of a new amalgamated district and a new regional club fielding teams in the Nova Scotia Soccer League (Tier 1 and Senior A). The newly amalgamated region known as Suburban District represents over 4500 soccer players and covers a wide landscape including Fall River, Lower Sackville, East Hants, and Bedford. The new club, also part of the new district, will support Soccer Nova Scotia’s initiative for regionalized competition following the Canadian Soccer Association’s Long-Term Player Development model. Players from the four clubs in the district who are interested and capable of playing at the elite level will tryout for the regional club and teams.

Bedford Soccer Association, East Hants Soccer Association, Sackville United Soccer Association, and Scotia Soccer Club will continue to operate individually and maintain their own identity for mini, recreational and Tier 2 levels of play. The creation of Suburban FC will allow the four clubs to focus on the development of Tier 2 and Mini players improving their soccer experience and helping to develop a passion for the World’s greatest game.