Club Jersey Deposit Policy

Each registered player/parent is required to provide a $60 jersey deposit  ($30 for U8 academy) in the form of a post-dated cheque to cover jersey damage/loss or an unreturned jersey.  The jersey deposit cheques should be collected by team manager (or coach) and then handed in to the Equipment Manager.  Jerseys will be distributed to teams only upon reception of a full set of jersey deposit cheques. 

Once cheques have been received, the Equipment Manager will set up a schedule for the manager to pick up the team set of jerseys. BSA will retain the deposit cheques until the end of the season. The manager must collect the jerseys at the last game of the season (league game, league play-off game or provincial championship game). Then, the manager must ensure the return of the jerseys to BSA at the scheduled time.  Jersey Deposit cheques will be destroyed (shredded) when jerseys are returned, at the return date and in satisfactory condition. 

If a jersey is not returned or is damaged or lost, the jersey deposit cheque will be cashed. If the jersey is returned after the return date and the jersey deposit has been processed then a 20% surcharge (of the jersey deposit) will apply. Cheques must be made payable to Bedford Soccer Association (or BSA) and post-dated to April 1st for the Fall-Winter season and October 1st for the Summer season.

The process for jersey delivery and return is outlined below:

  1. The team manager (or coach) collects jersey deposit cheques from each player:
    • U10 and U12 Academy and U14-U18: $60.00
    • U8 Academy
    • Cheques made payable to BSA or Bedford Soccer Association
  2. The manager provides the Equipment Manager with ALL the jersey deposit cheques for his/her team. 
  3. The Equipment Manager sets up a schedule for jersey pick up. Players should not be given their jersey until such time as the manager has received their jersey deposit.
  4. At the end of the season; the manager collects all sets of jerseys at the last game of the season, or as soon as possible thereafter.
  5. The Equipment Manager will set up a schedule to return team equipment and jerseys. This should happen within 15 days following the last game of the season.
  6. The jersey deposit cheques are shredded upon return of the jerseys.
  7. The jersey deposit cheque(s) are cashed: (i) if the returned jersey(s) is(are) damaged, (ii) if the jersey(s) is(are) not returned or (iii) if the team coach or team manager fails to return the jerseys at the scheduled time.

Note to parents and coaches:

Jerseys must be returned ONLY to the team coach or team manager - they will be collected by the Equipment Manager. Please do not return jerseys to any other person or at tryouts, etc.