Call Up Policy

As per SNS and NSSL rules, BSA encourages coaches to call up players from other BSA teams when the situation arises. However, teams are only to use call ups when necessary to field a team for a game. Coaches should not call up players if they have enough players from their own team available for a game. If call ups are invited to a game, they should be given fair playing time. Please note, as per league rules:

  • U10A players are not eligible to play up to U12C, and U12A players are not eligible to play up to U13B.
  • U13A players are eligible to play up to U15B and U15A players are eligible to play U18B.

A team may use call ups provided that:

1. The player is registered with a team in a lower age and/or division.

2. The player’s coach is contacted prior to contacting the call-up player(s) to ensure:

  • The player is not currently serving a suspension in any league.
  • The player is in good standing with their assigned team. i.e. attending practices and games.
  • The player has no direct conflicts with own team game schedule.
  • In some cases,the player’s coach may allow missing a practice to fulfill the call-up (and BSA supports this) but call-ups shall not interfere with player’s team games.3. In the event that the coach cannot be contacted prior to needing a call-up (last-minute, vacation, etc.), the coach shall contact the DOCPD for approval.