Club Fundraising Policy


To set guidelines for BSA and BSA teams wishing to fundraise to help defray some or all the operational costs of the team or BSA. The team’s operational costs shall be determined in a budget to be approved by a majority of the parents of players on the team.


Fundraising is permitted for the following expenses:

- Referee fees for exhibition games

- Tournament registration fees for tournaments within the Maritime Provinces;

- Travel and accommodation expenses, including meals, within the Maritime Provinces, for players, up to two (2) coaches and up to two (2) chaperones;

- Purchase of gear and merchandise approved by BSA

- With the approval of the BSA Board of Directors, purchase of non-BSA gear and merchandise.

- Supplementary registration/tier fees

- Facility rentals

- Supplementary team training

- Keeper equipment

Types of Fundraising:

BSA and BSA teams are expected to exercise good judgment in the type of fundraising activities conducted. Activities which encourage or promote tobacco or alcohol are not permitted. Fundraising through “tagging” will not be permitted. All fundraising activities must be approved by the BSA Board of Directors and/or 66% of parents of the team for a team event. The BSA Board of Directors must be notified and approve any fundraising event before proceeding. 

Distribution  of Funds:

In the event, there is a surplus of funds at the end of the season, these funds will be turned over to BSA to be used at the discretion of the BSA Board.

Teams will be permitted to retain a maximum balance of $100 in the team's bank account for keeping their team's account open until the following season.


Teams may approach businesses for sponsorships, but cannot promote or encourage alcohol or tobacco products. Sponsorship logos will not be permitted on BSA jerseys. Funds from sponsorships may be used to purchase track suits or kit bags, but only after the sponsor has been informed by the team of the intention to use these funds for the purchase of said items.

Fundraising Limits:

Teams are expected to be reasonable with respect to fundraising limits.  

If a team is planning to travel outside of the Maritime Provinces, or if a team reaches the National Championships, the team will be permitted to raise additional funds provided the budget for such trip is approved by the BSA Board of Directors.


If a team does not comply with this fundraising policy, the coach and manager may be subject to sanction by the BSA Board of Directors, including suspension.


All fundraising activity must be clearly made in the name of the applicable team (eg the BSA U14 Tier 2 Boys, etc.).

Prior written approval from the BSA Board of Directors is required for use of the Club's crest, logos, or name on any fundraising merchandise or promotional material.    

Any non-BSA gear approved by the BSA Board of Directors will be required to have the club crest or logo affixed.

All teams must keep accurate financial records of their fundraising endeavors, and the coach and manager of each team must ensure that all BSA guidelines are followed. The coach and manager of each team which conducts any fundraising must submit a financial statement to the BSA Treasurer prior to September 30th in each year.