Frequently Asked Questions

1. There is mention of there being U8 TimBit programming and a U8 Competitive programming, what is the difference?
BSA provides the opportunity for players of all skill levels to participate in the wonderful game of soccer.   Although we do recognize that there are many different skill sets amongst the players, our objective is to try to insure that each player is able to be sufficiently challenged while also having fun in a supportive setting.  The U8 TimBit program does not participate in an actual league for the games, players develop soccer skills and participate in scrimmage type setups within the TimBit Program. The U8 program is more time intensive and has two practices per week with technical staff and also the players participate in jamboree weekend games, every second week against the various other metro clubs throughout the city.

2. There is mention of there being U10 REC and U10 Competitive programming, what is the difference?
The U10 REC program is a less time intensive program with one practice per week and one game in an area house league that includes teams from Sackville and Fall River.  The emphasis is on being active and having fun in a team environment.   U10 Rec programs do not begin until June.

The U10 Competitive program has two practices and one league game in the NS Soccer League.  This program also starts in mid-April with player pools training and tech/coach led training on turf in May and then onto grass in June to August.

 3. There is mention of there being U12 REC and U12 Competitive programming, what is the difference?
The U12 REC program is a less time intensive program with one practice per week and one game in the NS Soccer League.  The U12 REC begins with training mid-April and continues on the turf throughout May afterwards the teams will move to training on grass for June through to August.

Within the U12 Competitive there is an A and B program.  The U12A program has an extra one hour of turf training per week all summer for a total of 3 hours a week and one game per week in the NSSL League.  This team is also led by a C Licensed Coaach. The players are picked by the technical lead/coach to participate in the A team. This group will also participate in an ID session over the summer. The reminder of the U12 players will be playing competitively in the NSSL League and have two 1hour practices per week.

4. My child has other activities during the week. Can you tell me what night his/her soccer practice will be on so I can ensure there won’t be conflicts?
During the registration period (throughout March and early April), information as to which night your child will be practicing is not available yet for many programs. This information only becomes available once registration closes, evaluations are held, and coaches and teams are assembled (normally in May).  Since the club rely's on many volunteers, we work with them to make sure their availbility is met for their schedules first. 

5. When will my child’s weekly game occur?
All league games are handled and scheduled by the NS Soccer League.  Before they can announce their schedules, they need to know how many teams and levels of play that the various clubs will be submitting before they can define a schedule. 

6. What does the registration fee cover?
Your registration fee covers all the costs of running your child’s soccer team. These costs include: facility rental fees for one/two practices a week; team registration in the NS Soccer League; seasonal ref fees, technical training and coaching, players and volunteers insurance through Soccer NS; team equipment; and online processing fees.

7. Are there any other costs over and above the registration fee?
Costs not included in the registration fees include extra tournament fees. These fees must be covered by your team and can range from $200-$400 per team per tournament. The costs of travel, accommodation and meals to attend tournaments are also not covered.  Players are required to have cleats, socks, shorts and shin guards.

8. Do I also need to purchase a uniform and a ball?
No. Uniforms are provided and are given to the players at the beginning of the season. A post dated uniform deposit cheque is collected and is destroyed as long as the uniform is returned in good order at the end of the season. The coach is given all practice and game balls for the players to use.

9. When can I expect practices and games to begin?
After player pools and placement sessions are completed and  team selection are complete, teams are assembled and you can expect practices to begin shortly thereafter. Typically, practices will begin on turf in May and move to the grass in June. 

10. How long does the season last?
The summer season runs to Mid August with playoffs beginning then. Winter season begins in October and runs through to mid-March.

11. My child has never played soccer before and I’m concerned he/she will end up on a team with “seasoned veterans” and never touch the ball. Is this possible?
It is the goal of the technical staff and player pools to place players on teams with other players of similar skill level – we have found this to provide the best opportunity for players to learn and develop and have a fun time.  There will be a range in skill on a team but BSA encourages coaches to have all players participate and learn in both practices and games.

12. Can you inform me of any existing subsidy programs that provide registration financial assistance?
There are opprotunities available to assist families with the financial costs of participating in youth soccer.  If you require assistance, please review our financial information page.

13. Why do we have to practice outside of Bedford?
We need alot of hours a week of practice time with a club our size. We work with HRM Facility Bookings to try and keep the grass field bookings within the area of Bedford.  Turf on the other hand is only available in a couple of locations and when we require it's use there will be some travel required outside to the Bedford are to either BMO Soccer Centre or Newbridge Academy turf.